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HEINEKEN - “Worlds Apart”

Directed by Toby Dye
Produced by Ben Porter for RSA

Worlds Apart was an inspiring film to work on, with an important social mission. The brief was to design and build a set of activities or puzzles within a neutral space that would require strangers to work together at problem solving. The objective was to get people with conflicting world views (unbeknown to them) to work as a team. The main action was focused on the strangers building a bar with wooden pieces so that its function as a bar became apparent only on completion. The bar posed some interesting design challenges: the scale of it to fit the space, the pieces heavy enough to require teamwork and its puzzle being ambiguous enough whilst retaining a particular aesthetic.

As part of the research process, we consulted a conflict resolution expert who informed the choice of puzzles before the design process started. At the heart of the process was always the question, how could we create empathy between our participants? The puzzles that we designed united people through challenge and reward.

It was paramount to keep the space neutral and unimposing. We built several camera hides using two way mirrors and had a series of camouflaging props to keep the filming process discrete.

Behind The Scenes