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Directed by James Rouse
Produced by Benji Howell for Outsider

For this film we had many interesting design considerations which James and I worked through together. Firstly, we needed to find a pitch of roof that was both steep enough to slide down, but not so steep that we would break Asim's legs as he went down! The tiles of the roof were cast out of Jesmonite, an incredibly tough material, that would not chip or break under the strain of the numerous sliding down tests and takes.

The skylight was designed to break in on itself and shatter beyond recognition, it also had to fit into the overall aesthetic whilst looking flimsy and pretty in contrast with the hefty boots of Asim's TV-ariel fixing character.

We built several separate breakaway sets for different elements of the film allowing us to shoot simultaneously.

A very enjoyable process and a really satisfying result.

Behind The Scenes